Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sleep, glorious sleep

I am exhausted. Boy, I thought I was tired last week, but that was nothing compared to this. Last night, I struggled to collect H and make it home. I then literally sat of the floor and and waited for D to come home - whilst letting H run riot around the living room. Thankfully, D rescued me pretty quickly and I went to bed. At just gone 8pm. I kid you not. Moreover, I slept. Until 8.30am. Do I feel rested and ready to embrace a new day? I do not. I feel exhausted. Roll on Bank Holiday Monday in May, when I can go public and promptly install a sofa in my office, and then sleep in the day if I so desire. I'd clearly be rubbish as a spy; all this cloak and dagger activity - that's trying to switch the tea bags from normal to decaff without anyone noticing - is a waste of time. I'm fairly confident I'm fooling no-one.

Right, it's lunchtime. Thank goodness!

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