Monday, 15 February 2010

My Valentine

Hubbie did well yesterday. We had a very relaxed Valentine's Day - nothing too much, because I generally think that Valentine's Day has become hugely commercial. Years ago, a card was fine. Now, presents, a meal - it's like another birthday. And while I'm all for a bit of indulgence, I'm not stupid enough not to realise they've just put the prices up in the pub because they think people won't notice - they are too in love, or too busy trying to impress someone that they could love. Nevertheless, a box full of bath bombs from LUSH is just what the doctor ordered. I love baths. So well done that man.

I cannot believe that it's Pancake Day tomorrow - this year is going quickly. Needless to say, chocolate sauce is on the shopping list for tonight - well, you can't have pancakes without chocolate, right? Plus, I figure I'm allowed, because I'm giving up chocolate for lent. That's right, 40 days and 40 nights without chocolate. Even hot chocolate. Naturally, I've had a Double Decker today and am planning a Boost for tomorrow - well, if I'm not going to have any for almost two months...

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