Friday, 5 February 2010

A film based on acquiring unobtainium? Unbelievable

Ever since I heard about Avatar, I have to admit that I wanted to see it. Not because I thought it would be a good film (good job really, but we'll get to that) - but because I was intrigued by the 3D technology. And boy, oh boy, that technology has come a long way from the blue and red cardboard glasses that used to come with Rice Krispies. Actually the glasses I had (we watched a RealD 3D version) looked pretty similar to some retro Ray Bans, so not a total disaster on the appearance front. But still uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time. And let me assure you, it's possible that you may fear you're going to die of old age before this film finishes.

You know it's bad when you look at your watch, thinking it's the end of the film, and you find out there's another hour to go. Admittedly, the lady sitting next to me probably wasn't so enamoured with my huge sigh and exclamation that there was a whole hour to go - but seriously, I thought I was going to die. Cutting edge technology? Yes. Interesting storyline? I think not.

And, whilst I admit that the 3D technology was impressive, it did hurt my eyes after a while. This could be because I'm getting old, or it could be my contact lenses - my eyes got very dry watching this three hour extravaganza - but either way, I reckon it's a gimmick and not actually something that will revolutionise the film industry in a way that colour or surround sound has.

Overall, if you're interested in the 3D technology, make sure you go and see this at the cinema. But if you want a film with a plot, I'd look elsewhere.

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