Thursday, 11 February 2010

Coast-ing along

Every once in a while, something happens that really makes you happy. It can be something big - like winning the lottery (although, I hasten to add, this has most definitely not happened to me - yet. I continue to believe that one day...) or winning an all expenses paid trip to Australia, travelling first class (again, not yet, but if I keep the belief...). But, and it's almost sad how happy this truly made me, I was over the moon last Sunday, and all because of a dress in a sale.

Having had my afternoon of culture at the British Museum (well, okay, 90 minutes but it's all good for the soul), I headed over to the Brunswick Centre to pass some time. I'd forgotten that there is a Coast there, and when I noticed the 'Sale' sign, I was in like a shot. And there, in my size, was the dress I had considered and then discounted over Christmas on account of the fact is was £150 and I didn't have anywhere to wear it. It was £35. Clearly, a sign from God. When I met up with D, he asked me why I was so happy - and when he saw the bag, he started moaning and groaning until I told him the joyous news. Admittedly, he wasn't as filled with joy as me, but he was pleased there would still be plenty of cash for a takeaway that night...

It's still online - and to be honest, the picture doesn't do it justice, but nevertheless:

Happy days.

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