Friday, 29 January 2010

New Year, new dramas

I cannot believe it has been a month since my last post. Time has absolutely flown by - it's almost February already and I feel like I haven't even had a chance to draw breath. After the horrendous trip back from Miami (50 hour delay - by the end of it, I felt 50 years old) work has been non-stop. Obviously, this should be a good thing - but, working for a financial firm, I've become accustomed to having some time on my hands during the day. Clearly, things are on the up - good for the economy, bad for my personal admin.

In my spare time, I'm trying to organise H's combined Christening and First Birthday party. Sound simple? It's not. Between the family politics (seriously, I thought that would all be done with during the wedding - but apparently not) and trying to work out what's safe to put in a 'loot bag' (in my day, these were called party bags - I'm so not down with the crew), I'm fearful that I might not make it to birthday number two.

Plus, we've decided it's time to start trying for baby number two. Somewhat naively, given that we just found out one day we were pregnant last time, I just assumed this would happen when I decided it was time. Wrong. The first couple of months we missed our window - D was drunk, D was away, I was drunk - you know the sort of thing - so last month I decided we need to be more committed. We were, but nature was not - this month, no baby. Hmmm. I am not patient, so this could be problematic.

And finally, I've made a dentist appointment. I now remember why I've been putting this off. Seriously, £75 for a hygienist appointment? Are you having a laugh? I am in the wrong profession. I've also decided that H should be a dentist when he grows up. That way, he'll definitely have enough money to pay for me in my old age.

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