Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Miami Mummy!

Thank the Lord - we are back in civilisation. We flew yesterday from Raleigh Durham to Miami - there were no problems on the plane or at the airport at all. I'm beginning to think the little fella is a born traveller. However, I won't confirm this until we land safely back on UK soil.

Arriving today at the Ritz was amazing - the guys on reception were expecting us and escorted us straight to the lounge so we could wait for our room. I'm currently sitting nine floors up, looking out over the beach and drinking champagne. It's not a bad life. (Pictures to follow - I'm still struggling with the technology here that seems to be significantly lagging behind ours...)

Which brings me on to the Christmas we just had. It was a lovely family Christmas - although I'm always going to think that you need roast potatoes with Christmas dinner; mashed potatoes simply do not cut it - but it is a simple fact that I cannot cope with four days of no blackberry and no mobile phone. I wasn't even aware that there were still places in the world where a mobile wouldn't work, but let me assure you that there are. It's not fun. Yes, it all sounds very romantic - a break away where people really can't get in touch with you, and that lasts for about five minutes. Then I'm itching to know what is happening in the real world. CNN is no match for the BBC.

I'm off to have some more to drink (praise be that I'm not pregnant this Christmas) and then head out to find the shops. After four days in seclusion I have some making up to do!

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