Monday, 14 December 2009

Domestic Goddess - Christmas style

I finished sewing the advent calendar and stocking this weekend. This is something of a triumph for me, given that a) I'm not a natural seamstress and b) I'm not a natural seamstress. The classes helped (i.e. they gave me the confidence to switch on my sewing machine) and although the finished works don't quite look as shop bought as I'd like, I am very proud of my home projects.

I can't believe how timely this foray into craftsmanship (or at least attempt at it) is. I watched smugly as Kirsty Allsopp made a Christmas Stocking on Kirsty's Homemade Christmas (my stocking was way better). So, inspired by my general brilliance on the sewing machine, I decided to move my skills into the kitchen. Delia Smith I am not, but nevertheless, these are the homemade mince pies - homemade mincemeat and pastry (not that cheating ready made stuff for me - oh no!):

And these are my homemade sausage rolls:

And so, to the obvious question: where are the photos of my stocking and advent calendar? Alas, my domesticity did not stretch to me remembering to charge the battery on my camera. I was quite distraught when I kept snapping and nothing was happening. I might be on my way to being a proper mum, but I'm not there yet. Stay tuned for more photos.


  1. Oh hurray for you. They look fab, and so much more enjoyable when you've made them yourself. Big round of applause from me.