Monday, 2 November 2009

So good, it's scary

On Saturday, straight after my sewing class (that's a whole other post - watch this space), I headed home to prepare for the Halloween party we were having. The first job was to carve the pumpkin. (See above.) Now, it may not be brilliant (by the way, it's bats in case you were wondering) but it's definitely a good first attempt. However, it did take the best part of 90 minutes to complete. I knew I should have started on Friday night, but I was tired and thought I'd be able to do everything in the three hours I had on Saturday afternoon before people started arriving. On the positive side, the pumpkin was carved. On the slightly more negative side, I wasn't ready, the mulled wine wasn't ready and the cupcakes weren't iced.

Luckily, D managed to divert attention by setting off a ridiculous number of fireworks (all men seem to love this activity. Personally, I think the potential danger of blowing your own face off is not that enjoyable, but who am I to question?). I never did get round to putting on any make-up, but then we were all sitting in the dark, so fingers crossed no one noticed. Either that, or they'll think I looked amazing (because I put almost as much brandy as wine into the mulled wine. Genius).

Overall, it was fantastic. Loads of kids came and 'trick or treated' and they loved all our decorations - there was a really good atmosphere. Also, it's a great precursor for Christmas - one lot of decorations to come down, soon to be replaced with others - what more could you want?

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