Monday, 23 November 2009

I am not alone

It's been a tough weekend. First of all, D's grandmother passed away on Saturday, which in itself, is awful. But I've also been thrown, feet first, into the world of single parenting. And it's bloody not easy. Naturally, there was no option, and I don't think for a single second that D shouldn't have flown out to the U.S. to be with his family. But there's no doubt that caring for an eight month old baby 24 hours a day on your own is no walk in the park.

Coming to work this morning was almost a relief. I seriously don't know how the carers at nursery do it all day, everyday. They need to be saluted. Anyway, when I came in this morning, I read this post and it made me smile. That could be my life Alyson's talking about. I'd love to roam around Kennington Park, swaddled in cashmere and my Uggs and kick the leaves around whilst entertaining my son. And then effortlessly pull on my Vivianne Westwood suit (which I don't have, this is in my dream, you understand) on Monday morning and swan out of the door looking together and collected. In reality, trying to do everything usually ends up with me doing about 90% and spending the other 10% permanently trying to catch up.

In exciting news though, I made H's first Christmas sack at the weekend. It was a practice one - but it's come out well, so I'm going to use anyway. It's not like he won't have enough presents to fill several sacks! This week, in the evenings, I'm going to attempt the advent calendar and a couple of stockings. I'm loving Christmas already. If you love it too, you should visit Lite FM - it's a New York radio station that plays only Christmas music between now (Thanksgiving for them) and Christmas. I love it - it drives D crazy, but he's not here, so he'll never know! Check it out if you love Christmas as much as I do... Lite FM

Friday, 20 November 2009

It's been a long time coming...

Quite a bit has happened since the Halloween party. We've had our first family holiday abroad since H was born (and as an aside; child + long airport wait + plane journey = definitely not a holiday), H has started crawling and standing with a vengeance and we've also had some very bad news that a family member has fallen critically ill. We landed in the UK from Spain and D was literally back at terminal three within twelve hours - straight on a plane to Miami to see his Grandmother before the inevitable happens. All in all, less than ideal. It puts everything else into perspective when something like this occurs.

I'd like to write more, but at this point I'm at a bit of a loss. Thank goodness it's Friday.

Monday, 2 November 2009

So good, it's scary

On Saturday, straight after my sewing class (that's a whole other post - watch this space), I headed home to prepare for the Halloween party we were having. The first job was to carve the pumpkin. (See above.) Now, it may not be brilliant (by the way, it's bats in case you were wondering) but it's definitely a good first attempt. However, it did take the best part of 90 minutes to complete. I knew I should have started on Friday night, but I was tired and thought I'd be able to do everything in the three hours I had on Saturday afternoon before people started arriving. On the positive side, the pumpkin was carved. On the slightly more negative side, I wasn't ready, the mulled wine wasn't ready and the cupcakes weren't iced.

Luckily, D managed to divert attention by setting off a ridiculous number of fireworks (all men seem to love this activity. Personally, I think the potential danger of blowing your own face off is not that enjoyable, but who am I to question?). I never did get round to putting on any make-up, but then we were all sitting in the dark, so fingers crossed no one noticed. Either that, or they'll think I looked amazing (because I put almost as much brandy as wine into the mulled wine. Genius).

Overall, it was fantastic. Loads of kids came and 'trick or treated' and they loved all our decorations - there was a really good atmosphere. Also, it's a great precursor for Christmas - one lot of decorations to come down, soon to be replaced with others - what more could you want?