Thursday, 29 October 2009

Shoe special

Regular readers already know that I love shoes. It is possible for me to spend £500 on a pair of shoes and actually think it's good value for money - although let me reassure you that these shopping outings occur rarely. Especially now, when I have so many things to buy for Junior. Like high chairs. And Gro bags. And other stuff that is boring to buy but irritatingly expensive. But I digress. My point was that I love shoes.

Years ago, I decided that the days of buying cheap shoes was over. To clarify, by 'cheap' I mean shoes from the likes of Faith, Dolcis and New Look. The end finally came when I got slightly carried away with the idea that I could walk (and by this I mean, walk to the tube station, travel on the tube and then walk to my destination at the other end) in 5 inch heels. I could not. In an attempt to save my poor feet I popped in to the nearest shop, which happened to be Dorothy Perkins. I bought a pair of ballet flats for £30. A bargain - or so I thought. They cut my feet up so badly I had to resort to putting my 5 inchers back on - which I think says quite a lot about these supposedly comfortable flats. The shoes were so covered in blood I couldn't take them back and rant. So, I threw them in the bin and swore that I would never again buy cheap shoes. And I've stuck to that ever since.

However. This week I have again stepped over to the dark side. The point is, I cannot resist a bargain. These shoes were simply too good to miss:
It's hard to believe, but these shoes were just £22. That's right, £22. Our Friday treat takeaway costs more than that. So, I decided to chance it. They are available online from Peacocks - but I didn't trust the picture online - I wanted to see them in real life. I've never heard of this shop Peacocks, but, happy day, I found out that there is one very close to my house. In the shopping centre at Elephant & Castle. Which explains why I didn't know it existed - because I have never been inside this shopping centre. And with good reason. Westfield it is not. However, I hotfooted it through the centre, found the shop and tried on the shoes. They were definitely worth a go. So, today is their first outing. So far, so good - but then I've only been sitting at my desk, so they should pass that test. Lunch will be more interesting.

Whether these shoes last the distance remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure - these shoes are a definite bargain!

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