Monday, 12 October 2009

On my bike...finally

It's been a manic week - hence the lack of posting. Both D and I have been exceptionally busy at work and this, combined with an entirely necessary week-long celebration of my birthday has meant a few things have slipped.

One of these 'things' was the arrival of my now long awaited bike. It was supposed to arrive three weeks ago, but the staff at Evans Cycles are totally and utterly incompetent. Usually, I would overcome such issues by taking control of the situation, but as other things took priority (like going to the theatre to see Les Miserables - which was excellent and a fantastic present), the result is that I'm still waiting for my bike.

Finally, finally, today I get a call informing me that the two items I ordered (a basket - well, it may not be a Pashley, but it is damn well going to look like one) and H's child helmet have arrived in stock. 'Brilliant,' I told the caller. 'And are you planning to put the basket on the bike as I requested?'. 'Errr, did you ask for that?' was the response. No, I felt like saying. No - I'd much rather bring everything home in pieces and attempt to put it together myself. Because attempt is the right word. Success wouldn't be the outcome. 'Yes I did,' I responded. So, after explaining for the 59th time that I want them to put everything on the bike, I told them I will be collecting it tomorrow.

The problem with this our Ride to Work scheme is that you're completely tied to this retailer - there is no choice and therefore no incentive for them to actually be any good. All this aside, however, I'm really excited to pick up my bike tomorrow. And I will get it tomorrow. If they haven't built it, I'll do it myself in the shop. That will scare them into action.

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