Friday, 18 September 2009

Thank God it's Friday

It's been a long week. In fact, it's been the longest week ever. Partly, this is because I cavorted around New York last weekend and then went straight into work on Monday but mainly, it's because it's my first full week back since having H.

This isn't a shock to the system - I was back in the office eight weeks after giving birth - but doing five days straight is much harder than I thought it would be. Not least because I miss the little guy - the morning routine of attempting to leave the house without killing either myself of anyone else does not count as quality time. But I'm amazed how tired I am. We have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend, which is good, because I'm going to be sleeping as much as humanly possible with a six month old baby.

However, this does worry me slightly for the forthcoming weeks. I signed up to do a short sewing course at the London College of Fashion months ago (I think it was just after H was born, and I was still full of the joys of spring), inspired by a combination of Project Runway and looming maternity pay. "I've got a sewing machine," I thought "how hard can it be?".

Having signed up, and paid the (very expensive) fee, I promptly forgot about the whole thing. Until this week, when I got a reminder that it starts next week and that I need to prepare for the first lesson by sharpening some pencils and finding an exercise book (okay - that's not completely accurate, but the email definitely had the 'school days / teacher' ring to it). The course lessons are every Saturday from next week until the end of November and last all morning. What on earth was I thinking? Maybe that combining childcare and a full time job wasn't enough - I needed another challenge?

On the other hand, it will give me some precious 'me' time - and maybe I'll be the next Vivianne Westwood. Admittedly, unlikely, but always worth a shot if the lottery doesn't come through. And, I'll be able to ride my new bike to the lessons - it's due to arrive a week today! Hurrah.

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