Thursday, 17 September 2009


There is nothing better than arriving at work to find a parcel on your desk that you weren't expecting. I'd actually forgotten that I'd ordered some new sunglasses, because it was so long ago. I'd been after some Tom Ford sunglasses for a while - ever since my brand new Lulu Guinness ones fell apart as I took them out of the box - but I couldn't quite justify spending the £300 (especially as I was planning on shopping for England when I got to New York). When I saw them on sale on Brand Alley it was too good an opportunity to miss, but when you buy items from that site, you have to wait for the sale to finish. They were worth the wait:

It might seem strange to be buying sunglasses at this time of year, but they can hide a whole multitude of sins at any time - plus, they go with anything. It's perfect. And I love them.


  1. Great when all those flash-bulbs go off as you step out of the car (I always find...)!