Monday, 28 September 2009

Sew exciting

I started my sewing course at the London College of Fashion on Saturday, and it was fantastic! When it comes to anything related to tailoring, I am worse than useless. But finally, I have become tired of paying over the odds for someone else to take up my trousers (I'm not short - or tall - and somehow trousers are just never the right length). Plus, Project Runway convinced me that it can't be that hard - some of the people on there are complete morons and they manage to make clothes (well, most of the time anyway).

Being slightly negative, everyone else in the class is about 12. And I was slightly taken aback at the lack of organisation - when the teacher came into the room and got the name of the class totally wrong I did think that maybe I'd made a mistake. However, when we got going, it was fabulous. It helps that all the machines are professional standard, but in just one class I made a bag. Really. Okay, not a full blown Anya Hindmarch number, but a simple tote bag that actually holds items without falling apart. It's brilliant. Not the bag, you understand - but the feeling that I've made something from scratch. Who knows, maybe I am the next Christian Siriano...


  1. Hi MM,
    Love the post title!
    You won my Radox/Kathy Lette giveaway! If you email me ( my email address is on my blog) with your home address, I'll post your prize.
    Sandy x

  2. I can't sew but this sounds like a great class!