Monday, 14 September 2009

New York, New York

I love New York. I like the convenience, I like the choice and I like the people. My sister doesn't live in Manhattan (I have no idea why, but she prefers it out in the 'burbs) so we decided to treat ourselves and stay at The Gansevoort for the weekend. It was fabulous. Well, the location was. The hotel itself was good, but there was no full length mirror, no tea or coffee making facilities and practically no lights. It might be atmospheric, but these ridiculous low level lights do not help me pick out good clothes in the morning.

As I promised, following my recent 'You Are A Good Read' award (thanks again to Not Supermum!), a list of my highlights:
  1. Travelling Club (an upgrade, naturally. Much as I'd love to be in a position to pay £5000 for a business class fare, I'm not).
  2. The Great Jones Spa - what an experience! Lil' sis and I even braved the plunge pool - something I never do - and it was fantastic. The treatments rock too.
  3. Buddakan. Great atmosphere, fab food and the manager was Australian, so I could give him plenty of advice on how to win The Ashes. He loved me.
  4. The shops on Bleecker Street. There are shops all over downtown Manhattan that sell bling earrings, necklaces and hair clips. While some look distinctly like they've come out of a Christmas cracker, some of the items are great. The shops along Bleecker had the best offerings - I bought a wicked brooch, two pairs of earrings and two head scarves. For less than $40. Result.
  5. New York Fashion Week. Late night opening, free champagne. What's not to like?
  6. Pastis. Since we were staying opposite, it would have been rude not to.
  7. Chelsea Market. We stumbled on this quite by chance - what a find. Great food shops and even a wine store. Fabulous.
  8. The cinnamon buns at Amy's Bread. Probably not the best for my waist line but absolutely delicious. It's a good thing they are so far away - I'd be the size of a house if this bakery was on the Strand.
  9. I also had my hair cut at Hair Rules. The salon has only opened recently, so the whole experience is a bit hit and miss, but the stylist, Dickey, is an absolute genius.
  10. Coming home. I was only away for three days, but I almost cried when I saw little H and his father waiting for me at the airport. New York was great, but there really is no better place than home with your family.


  1. That sounds like a carbon copy of a weekend Husband and I had in NY a couple of years back, down to and including the bad wardrobe choices at the Gansevoort because of the lighting (please tell me you didn't end up buying one of their $10 bottles of water?), drinks at Pastis, Bleeker Street, and flying club on air miles - WITHOUT THE KIDS! Fabulous...and a long time ago.

  2. Ha! We did avoid the water, but we paid $14 for two cups of tea - a tad overpriced, especially as we used the PG Tips I took with me - so we basically paid for hot water... Not exactly a bargain.