Thursday, 10 September 2009

My first blog award!

When I woke up this morning, I was excited - I fly to New York this afternoon, for a girl's weekend with my sister. I thought I'd log on quickly to check my emails, and I found out that I've been given an award! How cool is that?? A great blogger, Not Supermum, had received the award from Hot Cross Mum and she wanted to pass on the accolade. I've got to say, I'm absolutely delighted that someone thinks I'm a good read - this is obviously the benefit of the written word. When I start ranting verbally, I seem to have an astounding capability to clear a room in five minutes flat. And that's with my husband, who's supposed to at least feign interest.

I love blogging - both reading other people's and writing my own - and I'm glad that others feel the same way. I need to do two things - list a top ten and nominate some other blogs for the award. The top ten will follow - I'm going to list my top ten highlights from a very short trip to NY - but these are some blogs that I have recently discovered that I nominate as a good read:
Right, I'm off to pack and then head to T5. Fingers crossed for an upgrade to Club...


  1. Ok,
    I don't know the appropriate place to put this so lemme just say;

    LOVE the blog title amd ABSOLUTELY LOVE the headline: "Just b/c u created a life, doesn't mean u have to give up yours"


    B/c for me, that's just when I'm coming into my own, some what.. I plan on bookmarking you, following you and reading your blog.

    You seem u are made of awesome!!!

  2. Hi - found you through notSupermum - congrats on the award and hope NYC is/was utterly fabulous. Also thank you for linking me into your post. Cheers! :-)