Monday, 7 September 2009

Fashion Forward

A fantastic article in yesterday's Sunday Times by India Knight. We've all thought it at some point: “I wonder if you ever get to an age when you’re just bored with fashion. Since fashion is basically dressing up and pretending - it is to be hoped that eventually you get to the point when you think “ah, sod it” and potter about in comfy clothes that you personally consider non-hideous instead.” 

Don't get me wrong - I love my heels (the higher the better) but for a full on shopping trip, it has to be flats. Simple as that. Converse are my preferred choice, although there is something very liberating about flip flops. I'll be at Terminal 5 (Heathrow) on Thursday and this is another place where high heels should be avoided at all costs. I haven't checked the weather, but my usual choice in this situation is Ugg boots. Like slippers but considered appropriate for wear in public, these are my ideal travelling companion. Uggs, and a big cashmere jumper, because I always freeze on the plane.

I've travelled from T5 a couple of times, but on both occasions I've been late, and not been able to shop properly. I'm looking forward to getting there with plenty of time to spare, to make sure I can do proper research. I've heard the shopping is brilliant, but I'd like to find out for myself...

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