Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Farewell Summer...

It's refreshing to see so many positive posts regarding the onset of Autumn; Four Down, Mum to Go, Hot Cross Mum and A Life Reclaimed are all welcoming the start of the new season (and are all great posts too). All too often, people seem glum about the passing of summer - but not me - I love everything about the days getting shorter, the wind getting more blustery and the leaves starting to fall off the trees. Don't get me wrong - it's been a brilliant summer. How can you complain about winning The Ashes (although the less said about our ODI record, the better)? And the weather has been pretty good compared to previous years. And, obviously, it's been my first summer as a mother, which has been fantastic.

But this time of year always strikes a feeling of new beginnings in me - probably still from my school days and the beginning of a new school year. This time last year, I was four months pregnant and unable to participate fully (by that, I mean drink alcohol) in various celebrations - my 30th birthday, my hen do and my wedding. That's right, a shot-gun wedding. Which, apparently, causes a lot more of a stir than having a child out of wedlock. But that's another story.

So, this year, I'm looking forward to a decent birthday shindig (the babysitter is already booked) and some fun and games around Halloween. And I'm going to make sure I get some outdoor ice skating booked in too - I'm absolutely rubbish at ice skating, which is why I couldn't risk it last year - but it's become part of my Christmas tradition and I really missed it.

Best of all, it's 100 days until the end of the year. Which means, yes, it's only 93 days until Christmas. Personally, I love Christmas and so this is excellent news for me - but I appreciate that not everyone has the same attitude, so I'll keep a lid on it (for now).

PS I should note that I received my first Christmas mail shot this morning - a 'Gifts Delivered' brochure from M&S. Whilst I appreciate this effort for early business, even I think the Autumn Equinox is overly-enthusiastic, to say the least. Turn around twice and I'll be getting Easter Egg brochures next.


  1. A mummy after my own heart! I couldn't agree with you more (fab picture as well!). Thanks for the link. Enjoy the leaf kicking! :-)

  2. Excuse me? 'The weather this summer' and 'good' are words I wouldn't put in the same sentence! Never mind, I know exactly what you mean about new starts, a new term and an exciting time of year - although I hate the shortening days and bare trees.

  3. The Dotterel - okay, I'll admit, not outstandingly good, but definitely the best summer weather for the past two or three years!