Wednesday, 30 September 2009

An evening's work

5.10pm - leave work. I'm late - I should really leave at 5. Rush to the bus stop. Needless to say, no buses are remotely in sight.

5.20pm - a bus finally arrives. People are packed in like sardines, but this doesn't stop me pushing my way on. I have a child to pick up, you know. There is general tutting from those around me. I look defiant and pretend to look at my BlackBerry.

5.30pm - I think I could walk faster than this bus.

5.40pm - joy of joy, I arrive at my stop and then attempt the half walk, half run look that I have never managed to master.

5.45pm - arrive at the nursery out of breath and totally harassed. The gatekeeper gives me a disapproving look. I collect the pushchair and then literally run to H's classroom.

5.50pm - I am officially a 'Bad Mother'. The teacher (is that what they are? Well, they make me feel like a naughty 12 year old again, so I'm sticking with that title) looks at the clock and points out that I am 5 minutes late. I apologise, grab my son and try to exit with some dignity still in tact. I'm not sure that I managed it. Seriously, this is much harder than my day job.


  1. 5 whole minutes? To the bottom of the class with you!


  2. Love your name, Martini Mummy. I'm not nearly as glamorous... on reading your other posts, maybe its your designer shoes that are adding those crucial 5 minutes!