Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Uniform Project

I was intrigued when I read about The Uniform Project this week. Sheena Matheiken, who works at an ad agency in New York, had pledged to wear the same little black dress (designed by Eliza Starbuck) every day for a year to raise money for charity. Well, not the same dress everyday - she has seven identical dresses that she'll rotate. At first, it sounds totally impossible, but actually, the dress is very versatile and lends itself well to accessories. Every day, Sheena takes a picture of her outfit and posts it online. She's three months into the project, and personally, by now, I'd be totally out of ideas. Clearly, however, she is far more imaginative than me.

This does remind me, though, of my maternity wardrobe. Whilst I could not have managed with just one dress, I didn't actually have that much more. I made it through my 30th birthday, two weddings and the whole Christmas season with just one dress and a couple of different scarves. Yes, I was sick of the dress by the end of it, but rather than purchase multiple maternity dresses I decided that I'd rather save the money for a post-pregnancy splurge. But, now I'm back in my 'normal' clothes, I've realised just how much excess there is in there. When I packed away all my clothes when I finally couldn't squeeze myself into them any longer, I was proud of my wardrobe 'cull' - the local charity shop probably couldn't believe it's luck with all the brand new clothes with tags still on them that I'd finally admitted I would never be wearing. However, when I unpacked these clothes again four months ago, I couldn't believe how reserved I'd been.

This second cull has left plenty of hanging space in my cupboard. Rest assured, though, it will not be empty for long. The one dress strategy is not for me. But, eco shopping definitely is. Vintage, second hand and ebay buys are the order of the day - there will be no more tags on for me!

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