Saturday, 15 August 2009

Corporate Fashion? It's a good question

The blog Fashionista raises a good point in the article Corporate Fashion? Whilst the people in the corporate world are those most likely to afford the latest pair of Prada over-the-knee boots, they probably don't get to wear them as often as someone that, say, works in the offices of Vogue. There is no doubt that before I had H, I'd become pretty lazy when it came to arranging my working wardrobe. I've always been quite the follower of fashion, but working in a very corporate law environment means that anything other than a traditional black skirt suit tends to raise an eyebrow or two. And the simple fact was, it's easy to put on a suit, pull out one (of several) Thomas Pink shirts and walk out the door.

Having H changed all that. During my maternity leave, I'd started to feel that I was living in tracksuits and t-shirts. That's fine one week after you've given birth, but it does start to get you down after a month. Especially since I was lucky enough to have bounced right back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes. (Actually, they were a bit loose, since I seem to have lost weight, but that's another story.)

Going back to work was the perfect reason to start caring about my appearance again. I did notice that other mothers tend to look on with a mixture of scorn and patronising concern if you make too much of an effort for baby group meetings (thank God I don't have to endure those any more) - the inference is that if I've taken too much time putting on makeup, I'm very likely to have neglected my child in the process.

Quite simply, I like arranging what I'm going to wear for the week. Previously, I wouldn't have worn my precious Louboutins at work ('they're far too good for that') but now, there's no stopping me. It's definitely made a difference - both in terms of how I feel and how I'm perceived at work. It was tough to keep the smug look off my face when my boss said I looked like I'd 'just stepped off the catwalk' but I did manage it...just. Admittedly, he probably has no idea what a catwalk looks like, but it was very pleasing just the same. It's not quite roll on Monday - but almost. And that's good enough for me.

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  1. HI, thanks for visiting my blog - and it means I get to visit yours!

    Love the thoughts on the work wardrobe. I organise my clothes for work the evening before (can't plan one week's worth at once!) and it does feel better waking up to know what I'm going to wear. I'm trying (!) to train my two daughters to do the same to varying degrees of success.

    Louboutins for work? Wow!