Friday, 17 July 2009

Eating, sleeping, eating...

It's been a hell of a week. On Monday, H rolled over for the first time - a milestone in development, apparently. It's amazing. I really didn't think I'd be so bothered, but after weeks of watching him desperately trying to turn over, it's fantastic to finally see him achieve it. He looked so pleased with himself he reminded me of his dad - until his neck muscles gave way and he proceeded to bury his head in his baby gym. Now I long for the day he can roll himself back over. He has done it once (yesterday, actually) but he hasn't done it again, so I fear that might have been a fluke. It's a strange thing - you spend so long waiting for something to happen and then when it does, you almost wish it hadn't, because now he needs constant monitoring.

As well as the rolling over, this has been the week of introducing solid food. I use that term loosely, because a mush of baby rice and carrot puree really does not constitute solid food in my humble opinion. However, it's yet another milestone, and there is something satisfying about feeding Junior - even if the offering doesn't actually look that appealing to me. Perhaps this is because I know that solid food ultimately = no dream feed. He loves it. As you'd expect, I've bought all the gear - weaning pots, weaning spoons, some starter bowls, bibs - but it was messy and there's no getting away from it. I really hope carrot doesn't stain in a puree form, because I ended up wearing quite a bit of it.

I'm working a full week next week. Whilst the money will be nice, I'm slightly traumatised about a full five days before having a day to tidy / do washing / sterilise multiple bottles etc. This makes me more concerned about my full time return in September. I hoping that by some miracle I'll have developed a skill (that currently eludes me) that enables me to maintain my usual life and look after the little guy. But I'm not convinced that will happen...

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