Sunday, 28 June 2009

Shopping the sales

Why is it that the moment you don't have any spare cash, all the sales come along and reduce things you actually want to buy? I knew that having a baby would limit my shopping habit, but I wasn't quite prepared to cease all activity in favour of buying very mundane items like travel cots instead of a fabulous pair of Nicole Farhi shoes, reduced from £260 to a mere £80. (Okay, if I'm honest, I did still get the shoes - it was too good a deal to pass up. Besides, I rationalised that I almost did spend £260 on the shoes, so I saved money. Sort of.) H is only three months old, but he still seems to need a fair amount of new gear and I just can't really get excited about high chairs. Tiny baby clothes, yes. Parasols for a buggy, no.

Perhaps it's because the credit crunch is really starting to hit, and so shops are trying to tempt us into braving the sales. Perhaps it's because nobody bought the stuff in the first place because no one has got any money. Whatever the reason, the sales at the moment are GOOD. And when you've got no spare cash whatsoever, that's just bloody typical.

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